Girls – Luo Yang Exhibition

Moonduckling represents Artist, Luo Yang, to present a multi-city 10-year retrospective on her ongoing photography project, GIRLS.
Described as one of the rising stars of Chinese Photography by Ai Weiwei, Luo’s highly-staged portraits, carefully constructed poses and raw aesthetic defines her work. In GIRLS, Luo portrays real Chinese women intimately. Underlying tensions and ambivalent emotions animate Luo’s images. And she reflects on China’s shifting mindset regarding concepts of femininity and identity.
The first exhibition in Bangkok in December 2018 was co-curated by Chomwan Weeraworawit and RDX Offsite.
Produced by Annette Fausboll, Jean Alexandre Luciani and Julien Favre.
Next stops are Paris, London, NYC, Tokyo.

  • Photography