Le Cabinet de Curiosités – de Thomas Erber

Thomas Erber has created a unique exhibition called Le Cabinet de Curiosite de Thomas Erber (CDC) that brings together talented designers and daring brands from around the globe, inviting them to create bespoke and limited edition pieces, sparking avant-garde ideas and unprecedented collaborations. The First edition of the CDC was held at Colette in Paris in 2010. Since then, this event has traveled around the world and received amazing success. 

Praise for Thomas Erber and the CDC:

“Thomas Erber shows that luxury is about singularity not about standardization”

—The New York Times – US

“A succesful modern version of an old concept”

—Herald Tribune – UK

“The finest objet d’arts from the worlds of fashion, art, design and travel have collided for a new project, Cabinet de curiosité, showcased at Browns and curated by brand and fashion consultant Thomas Erber.”

—Vogue – UK

“Apart from anything else, everything is a on-off, made specially for this venture, and only those with the most energetic interest in the creative crafts are likely to have come across any of the creator before.”

—Financial Times – UK

“A sort of private collection that gives luster to all artists, designers and writers that shape beauty while remaining faithful to the independence and to a limited number”

—Vogue – IT






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