Ugo Mangin

Ugo Mangin reflects the world’s coarse reality and subversion. He dives into film with the passion of an explorer. He travels the globe and shoots his inspirations. He scrutinizes, stirs up, and transcribes with instinctive camerawork for a surreal and highly defined aesthetic style.

He started out with artistic projects for bands, mixing great technical skill, a touch of poetry and a hint of decadence. Whether his pieces are premium or low-tech, Ugo is characterised by an exceptional maturity. At 25, Ugo directed his first advertising film for Cacharel, followed by digital films for Yves Saint Laurent.

He follows lost souls with energy and compassion. The powerless, the insane, those stuck between worlds. Ugo’s range of exploration seems infinite and unbridled. Perhaps it is his own complex interior universe, that enables him to apprehend the folly, instability and strangeness of the world, and to make sense of it through the prism of beauty and empathy.

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